Businesses that Can Benefit From Hyperlocal Ads

Hyperlocal Advertising; It may sound like a fancy new buzzword, but when it comes to effectively promoting your local business to a relevant audience, it’s safe to say that Hyperlocal ads are your secret weapon.

This post will help you, as an SMB owner understand the impact of Hyperlocal Ads and their effect on your business.

What Does Hyperlocal Mean For Your Marketing?

At its core, hyperlocal means a specific area or community, and in this case, the relevant customers you need to reach as part of your digital marketing efforts.

Reaching the right customers via Hyperlocal Ads allows you to target individuals within:


  • A radius around an address (like your business address)
  • A community or neighborhood
  • A specific zip code
  • Competitors locations
  • Mobile users on the go (set around a pre-defined radius)

Hyperlocal ads allow advertisers, marketing agencies, and business owners to pinpoint an audience within the specific areas mentioned above, using location-based advertising platforms such as Nuviad.

Today, local businesses need to invest in hyperlocal marketing due to the massive increase in local and nearby searches, especially from mobile devices.

Local Business Advertising in the ‘Not-so-distant’ Past

Historically, running an ad (or a series of them) in the local newspaper was a staple of local business marketing. The process was pretty simple. Find the best local magazine, pay for your spot, and run the ad. Now with the decline of printed newspaper readership, this form of advertising has started to seem as archaic as carving on stone tablets.

Print advertising, for the most part, can still work for local business. Marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, coupons, even localized yellow pages are still around (for some strange reason), however, they’re far from being optimal, or most cost-effective marketing option for most local businesses. After all, just because you advertise locally doesn’t mean you have to settle for a lack of sophistication.

What Are Your Marketing Current Marketing Options?

Chances are if you ask marketing specialists or advertising agencies they will probably break down the paid advertising landscape along these lines:

Search Marketing: Promote your brand or business through search results based on keywords using Google Adwords.

Social Marketing: Promote your brand or business through social channels and connections using Facebook Ads.

Location Based Marketing: This is where things get a little blurry. To date, there hasn’t been one clear answer as to how to best reach the right audience based on location.

Despite the fact that local business owners compete with nearby business, many still find themselves wasting money on global advertising platforms, instead of focusing on hyperlocal ads. For the vast majority of local SMBs, it’s much more advantageous to advertise locally.

Brands that do not prepare for the impending hyperlocal trends may end up seeing a considerable drop in both online and in-person traffic. According to retailers, as many as 82 percent of customer’s research online before making a purchase, which includes those who end up making a purchase in-store.

Businesses That Can Benefit from Hyperlocal Ads


Local Gyms

Local Coffee Shops

Local Restaurants

  • BARS

These are just a few examples of businesses that can start benefiting from Nuviad’s Hyperlocal advertising platforms today, but it doesn’t end there.


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