Mobile marketeers can now create, manage, use and export user segments based on location, behavior, hobbies and much more


Reach the right customers – Where you need them and when they are most receptive to your campaign.

Users are meaningless without context. NUVIAD DataEx provides context to mobile users where you can market your product of service across all platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter as well as any RTB DSP.

Easily create, manage, use or export audience segments that meet the criteria for your campaign. Using NUVIAD’s audience segmentation technology you can get the RIGHT target audience for your mobile marketing campaigns.

Contact us today and benefit from:

  • Location-based targeting and retargeting
  • Cross platform mobile ID based segments
  • Pinpoint specific audiences
  • Geo Behavior
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Physical and digital behavior¬†
  • Full reporting and analytics
  • and much more


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