Device ID validation

As user targeting becomes more advanced with retargeting and with user profiling technologies becoming common tools for marketers, every advertiser campaign requires reliable device ID (IDFA or GAID) data.

Recently, we started seeing more and more fake device ids reported by many SSPs and Exchanges, causing targeting and retargeting technologies to become less effective. As a result, media buying efforts by advertisers go to waste and money is being spent on fake device IDs instead of real ones.

What is Device ID?

Each mobile device has a unique identifier, that represents the user in the mobile advertising space. This identifier is unique to every device and is used in the mobile in-app advertising world to improve advertising performance by data analysis.

This identifier is often called IDFA (ID for Advertising) on IOS devices and GAID (Google Advertising ID) on Android devices. It’s being sent as a part of RTB (Realtime Bidding) requests to allow advertisers to decide how much they are willing to bid (pay) for the ad space shown to a particular user in a specific context (app, location, device, etc.).

Device ID: IDFA on IOS , GAID on Android.

Device ID Fraud

Detecting Device ID fraud is not a simple task. The Device ID format can be easily be generated using any UID generator (for example, It means that a user ID can be easily faked.

How can we know if a device ID is real, and not just looks real?

The answer is an in-depth analysis of the device ID. It’s not enough to verify the right characteristics, but to check the usage patterns of the ID.
For example:

  • Do I see the same ID from other SSPs / exchanges? Almost no device ID will appear only from one source.
  • Does the ID have history?
  • Does the ID correlates to different device types?
  • Do I see the ID coming in from a single app or from multiple apps?

These are just a few pattern tests that are needed to validate a Device ID.

Device ID Validation Service

From the lack of a solution for this issue and to help advertisers, DSPs and Exchanges to improve Device ID validation, NUVIAD is launching a Mobile Device ID rank service. This service enables real-time and post-processing validation of device ID’s. The service can be operated for pre-bid auctions via API, or as post-bid validation by: CSV file upload or API for post bidding validation.

For more information please contact us here.

Rafi Ton

With 7 years of experience in the AdTech industry and 15 years in leading technology companies, Rafi Ton is the founder and CEO of NUVIAD. He enjoys exploring new technologies and putting them to use in cutting-edge products and services, in the real world generating real money.

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