Here’s Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Miss Hyperlocal Advertising

Let’s face it, we live in a digital age; the information we consume needs to be fast-paced to keep up with our busy lifestyles. Information needs to come to us, otherwise, chances are that we’ll miss it. So why are businesses still wasting precious advertising dollars on ads that don’t reach their intended audience? It simply doesn’t add up.

What local businesses really need are more local customers. The smart use of targeted, hyperlocal advertising delivers a powerful way to connect local brands and business with a growing, passionate, local community.

Local businesses, in general, have more budget limitations than their bigger global counterparts, that means that every dollar spent on advertising needs to be strategically invested and laser focused on the most effective channels.

For many local businesses and advertising agencies, the solution means investing in hyperlocal media to get in front of a relevant audience, but more importantly reaching them at the right time and in the right context.


Hyperlocal marketing refers to marketing to a defined local, geographic area. For example, a region, city, neighborhood or zip code. And, the idea has come a long way from the days of traditional advertising, thanks to the addition of digital marketing tools.

At its core, Hyperlocal advertising allows advertisers to hone their message and offering so that it targets people who share a specific location, instead of wasting time and money trying to appeal to anyone and anywhere.

Platforms such as NUVIAD empower its users to pinpoint their target audience, as well as create ads that appeal directly to the local group being targeted. A perfect example of this is can be local coffee shop who may offer free coffee with every breakfast meal in order to entice more or new customers.

Truly, any local business can benefit from targeting audiences within a specific community, or place of business. Your goal with hyperlocal advertising is to convey that you and your customers share common tastes and values. This ultimately builds build long-term, recurring business.


  • According to a Nielsen report, 70 percent of purchase decisions are made while shopping or otherwise in stores.
  • Some 79 percent of consumers take action after seeing an out of home (OOH) ad.
  • Approximately 59 percent of consumers take an interest in time/day/location specific OOH advertising.


For local business, it all comes down to finding and engaging the local customer, in a way that enhances (rather than disrupts) their everyday experience in the community. Context provides powerful motivation towards making purchasing decisions. Using real-time local insights along with local reach is the fuel behind platforms such as NUVIAD.

Going local delivers highly relevant and highly targeted offers throughout the various stages of the customer’s journey. Done correctly, your customers will feel like you’re speaking directly to them, understanding what they want and need in a highly personal way. When this happens, you’re fostering higher brand affinity and bringing people closer to doing business with you.


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