Hyperlocal Advertising: When Location Becomes Intent

Leveraging insights from a user’s mobile app usage in conjunction with their actual location is an extremely effective means of selecting the right content to display at the right time.

In a digital marketing context, intent-based advertising can be defined as the art of displaying an ad message to a user who has immediately or recently shown an intent to make a decision for a specific product or service.

To make sense of this powerful advertising strategy, let’s take a look at the pillars of intent based marketing.


Online advertising was always about identifying the users’ intent – the elusive moment when the user is most receptive to your marketing campaign. This holy grail of digital advertising is in the heart of performance-based marketing. If you manage to identify the moment the user needs your products or services, it is likely that they will respond positively to your message.

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Search based advertising targets this concept directly. For example, the best time to show ads with the best deals for cars is when people are actively searching for car dealerships. The customer’s intent is very clearly expressed in their search terms.

They may go to their favorite social network and share a post about their plans to buy a car. The ad platform in the social network will examine the latest post and deduct they’re interested to buy a car and also show relevant ads offering deals for cars.

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Hyperlocal offers another method to identify users’ intent which is connected to the physical world. These days our primary device is a mobile phone with GPS capabilities which can identify when users visit a physical location.

Hyperlocal platforms such as NUVIAD Local identifies this and understands user intent based on their physical location.

Using the same example, When I go to a car dealership NUVIAD Local understands that you are looking to buy a car and will show you the best car deals in your area. Taking this step further, the more car dealerships I visit the more valuable am I to the dealerships since I express more interest in buying a car.


Location-based technology can be used for more advanced strategies, such as learning about the users’ interests. Let’s say I own a shop (physical or online) for golf equipment and I want to market my business to people who are interested in golf. Using Hyperlocal Geo-Trapping I can mark all the golf courses in my city, state or country and collect my list of potential customers. Then I can create a retargeted marketing campaign to these users.


To win over today’s buyers, marketers must use new data sources to listen to buyers’ needs, anticipate their next move, and respond immediately with relevant messaging leading them towards the next step in their decision-making process.

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Rafi Ton

With 7 years of experience in the AdTech industry and 15 years in leading technology companies, Rafi Ton is the founder and CEO of NUVIAD. He enjoys exploring new technologies and putting them to use in cutting-edge products and services, in the real world generating real money.

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