Hot Trends in Hyperlocal Advertising

The interest in local search marketing is not a new one. In fact, marketers have been discussing the importance of reaching local customers for the past decade at least. That being said, with mobile phones now being a part of our everyday lives, hyperlocal search is firmly in the spotlight. But don’t just take it from us, Google Trends has been showing a dramatic increase in “near me” search queries for the past 5 years!


Between 2014 and 2015, Google saw a 2x increase in “near me” and “nearby” searches, with 80 percent of those searches occurring on mobile devices. Additionally, back in 2016, Barry Schwatz, Search Engine Land’s News Editor reported a noticeable reduction in the number of pages offered for Google Maps search results, suggesting an effort to narrow the results down to a smaller geographic area. It’s especially interesting to look at a few of the topics and keywords that are related to “near me” and “close to me” search queries, such as hotels, motels, breakfast, bar, retail, restaurant, recruitment, and more.

Smart advertisers understand that there is huge opportunity to target their audience with a cross-device targeting strategy, and just how valuable the knowledge of location and mobile can come into play.

Looking ahead there will certainly be new trends and features that will continue to push hyperlocal advertising to the marketing forefront in 2017. These are a few that we believe are worth keeping an eye on.


Retargeting online users has already proven itself as a dominating force in web marketing. When coupled with mobile users who are actively returning to similar locations, this creates a clear sign of intent and a perfect opportunity to drive sales.


Having a clearer understanding of the “who, when, and where” of mobile users, can increase the chances of a sale. As mentioned above, people are actively seeking nearby locations such as hotels, breakfasts, bars, retail, restaurants, recruitment opportunities, and more. Creating offers that are focused on intent can lead to a powerful impact. For instance, customers who are already in a store are more likely to make purchase decisions that stray from their original intent — and to take advantage of relevant on-the-spot offers.

NUVIAD’s business selection feature is a perfect example of location based marketing focusing on context. This powerful feature allows advertisers to select a business category, which then offers a list of all businesses in that specific category to target within a set geo-location.

For example, you can list all florists within a specified in the area and use them to create relevant campaigns targeting competitor locations.


Google’s Map Ads is another strong feature which allows businesses to advertise in map search results, promote locations with map pins, and connect those map pins with in-store promotions. If you’re using promoted pins, you can customize your local business page to highlight products that are currently in stock in a way that’s easily accessible to prospects — with the end goal of getting more physical traffic to your business location.

Although hyperlocal marketing has been around for a while now, the opportunities it delivers is still unknown and underutilized by many, this gives you as an advertiser a considerable advantage. As the world has got more mobile over the past few years,

In order to take full advantage of this and stay ahead of the curve you really need to work on improving your hyperlocal presence.


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