Introducing Native ads on NUVIAD Mobile RTB

Native advertising. Everyone is talking native in the past year with more publishers offering native ad spaces. We refer to native advertising where ads are seamlessly integrated into the overall look and feel of apps. While focusing on mobile RTB, we see a variety of advantages to native ads including very competitive pricing due to relatively low demand.

Native in-app advertising is a great new traffic source including apps that traditionally didn’t have ad placement or couldn’t place standard ad sizes. With our easy to use native template, any advertiser can produce a native ad  that customizes it size, image, text color and font to fit any native app publisher.

native ads 8 final

Due to their ‘organic’ placement, native ads provide much better conversion ratio than “standard”  ads. After analyzing dozens of performance campaigns operated by our customers, the numbers are very clear. Native ads provide superior performance and conversion rate to most performance campaigns.

We see more in-app publishers offering native ad placements everyday. Native ad spaces are offered in news feeds, music apps, games, sports and a variety of utility apps.

To make it real easy and simple to use, we created a native ad template that will instantly generate a new native ad for any campaign. The native ad template can be found on NUVIAD under ‘Ads’–>’Create Native Ad’

NUVIAD native ad setup


Once an ad is produced, it can be selected from within any campaign.

In terms of reach, based on our RTB  media, we display native ads currently in over 100 countries including US, EMEA, LATAM and Australia. For any Geo with the right bid the platform can offer almost any volume and scale.

With relatively low demand for Native advertising, they also present a real opportunity to get quality media in a very competitive pricing.

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