NUVIAD hyperDSP highlights

A self service goal oriented mobile DSP for your display, video, native and hyper local campaigns.
  • Allows professional media managers to buy optimized, verified, and accurate mobile media for their campaign
  • Supports display (banners), video and native ad formats for optimum performance
  • Allows media buying from all mobile exchanges from a single dashboard
  • Performs ongoing, automated, algorithmic optimization for every campaign to achieve optimal ROI
  • Combines advanced machine learning technologies to match apps, locations and users to every impression we serve
  • Provides real-time reporting so advertisers can see how their marketing budget is spent
  • Access from a web dashboard, server-to-server APIs, and real-time bidding


With more than 2 Billion user profiles, NUVIAD HyperDSP provides unparalleled targeting capabilities and accuracy. NUVIAD’s machine learning algorithms automatically optimize your campaigns to achieve the best performance given the budget and your goals.