New Reporting and Optimization Tools

We see that with the growth in data and stats we provide our partners also grows the need to supply improved and stronger reporting and analysis tools. We focused our latest efforts on upgrading and adding new reporting tools.

Performance Reports
We are introducing a major upgrade to our campaigns ‘Performance Reports’. The upgraded report is improved, enhanced and more accurate. You’ll find the new report available by tomorrow October 8th on the Platform sidebar.

The new Performance Report includes a campaign and time range drop-down, search for campaigns and last but not least, all the data updates every minute. You can analyze and optimize all the campaign segments(apps, carrier, device, OS,..) in one featured tool – ‘Performance by Segment’ exclude and microbid. All reporting can be customized and exported.

New! Multi Segment Analysis
We are taking today the mobile RTB analysis one step further and launching a new multi segment analysis. The new report enables users to group dynamically any segments and compare different parameters in one report. Explore performance by publishers, carriers, ad sizes and in any order needed.

The multi segment report can be generated to any segments, any time range and can be applied to all campaigns or a specific one.
The report is available: Conversion Reports–> STATS

Important – the new reports will be applicable for new stats only.

Feel free to drop us a line here in the comments or at info@ for feedback or questions.

Doron Gez

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