Back in late 2016, we launched NUVIAD Express, our marketing platform for local businesses focused on hyperlocal customers. Since then, we’ve added some pretty cool features based on the feedback we’ve received from our users. Additionally, since our initial launch, we’ve seen incredible growth and usage from practically all industries and businesses.

From lawyers and restaurants to car dealerships and art galleries, practically any and all local businesses have benefited from using NUVIAD Local towards increasing exposure to their storefronts, increasing sales calls, and visiting their websites.

We thought now would be a perfect time to share a few highlights of the features you may be missing out on, especially if you’re looking to drive more foot traffic into your local business.


Without question, one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your place of business is helping them navigate to it, turn by turn. NUVIAD not only lets you create a Click to Call or Click to Website button, but you can easily customize it to create a Click to Map button by copy / pasting the URL from Google Maps into the ad creation process.

Creating a Click to Map call to action (CTA) opens up a map via Google Maps which navigates your potential customers right to your front door.


Let’s assume that you’re a local a local car dealership within a fairly well-populated city. Chances are competition is fierce and getting potential customers to your car lot is no easy task, not to mention an expensive one. NUVIAD’s Similar Business Type feature can be your saving grace. By simply selecting the business type you’re targeted, this feature offers all the relevant and similar businesses within your vicinity, so you can easily target audiences while they’re at competing locations. Think about it this way, if individuals have visited similar locations over a set period of time, that’s a clear sign of buyer’s intent.


Adding multiple locations is essential for retail chains and rapidly growing local businesses. The ‘add multiple locations’ feature makes it super simple for you to quickly select multiple hyperlocal advertising locations on the map. Simply set your desired advertising location, the radius you’re interested in reaching, your target audience and business details. Once you’ve defined exactly where and who your aiming to reach, NUVIAD’s smart location advertising engine promotes to your audience with pinpoint accuracy.

In order to take full advantage of these features and stay ahead of the curve you really need to test and understand what works best towards reaching your ideal customers.


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