NUVIAD new and extended Support

Support for NUVIAD is now available by mail 24/7 for our partners, clients and team. This service includes, improved SLA and faster ad quality approval.

NUVIAD is excited to introduce support service with added features and expanded functions. Available now, you can easily access valuable support information from professional team members at all times, day or night. As is expected from a market leader, we have introduced the new support services to better assist your campaigns generate higher performance.

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The 24-hour support also offers an improved SLA and reduced ad-quality approval time, tangible assistance as you bring your campaigns live. Our relentless focus on quality assurance will translate to a more positive impact. This service is useful for internal and external customers across all performance related campaigns and accounts.
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NUVIAD support is now available by emailing support@ Policy and ad quality issues can be resolved by emailing policy@ Feel free to let us know how the service is working for you by commenting to us. We have your success in mind as we continue to improve our support.

We are also happy to introduce our new head of support, Barel Langer, a former member of the policy team. Barel will continue to lead the policy and support services to our clients.

Doron Gez

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