NUVIAD’s Success at Miami Small Business Expo


Our NUVIAD team recently had the opportunity to participate in the Miami Small Business Expo, in Miami, Florida. The expo hosted over 5,000 local and national business professionals who were able to meet, network, and market themselves and their businesses. Our Director of Sales, Sean Grayson, gave a great in-depth presentation to over 50 attendees, on how NUVIAD Local can help these businesses, “Get Business, Not Just Clicks”. In the presentation, Sean explained how the hyper-local targeting of customer demographics and locations, can help business owners reach real people, and turn those people into real customers. He also showcased how mobile marketing is an exploding business offering a great alternative to the status quo.

Our team was fortunate enough to personally meet with over 100 local and national businesses to discuss what makes NUVIAD work, and how it can work for them. With the added benefit of personal product demonstrations, we were able to show just how easy NUVIAD Local is to use. A big thank you to those who took the time to visit our booth and meet with us.

Our NUVIAD team has been hard at work to bring you many new and exciting things, and we can’t wait to share them. Missed us in Miami? Click here to sign up for the NUVIAD newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date about upcoming news and events.

Check out the video below to see an overview of our time at the expo.


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