Political Campaign Managers, Here’s How You Can Improve Your Reach

Political campaigners are becoming increasingly aware of the power of digital advertising – a far more cost-effective and measurable method for reaching the right voters.

While traditional digital advertising is usually executed using a blanket approach, which is why someone in Manhattan might see ads for a congressman running for re-election in North Jersey, hyperlocal advertising delivers a far more targeted approach by operating within specified geographic boundaries.

Mobile devices “tell” advertisers where they are located, at any given time.  Knowing which congressional district, a potential voter is in at a given time, allows campaigners to deliver targeted messages in the context of time and location.  Equally important is the ability to reach the relevant audience in terms of their profile, which can be constructed based on which apps a mobile phone contains, and on the way a mobile phone is used. These are sophisticated capabilities, which were unavailable just a few short years ago.

Location-based ads help campaign managers reach their audience with perfectly-timed messages – based on a variety of data points such as location, time of day, personal preferences, online history, even down to mobile device languages and apps installed.

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Targeting constituencies based on their profile and location is a smart way to conduct a campaign and a smart way to invest hard-earned campaign dollars.

Let’s break it down into numbers

  • 42% of millennials used their smartphones to research politics in June 2016 (eMarketer).
  • Nearly 74% of millennial Democrats who said they were very likely to participate in their State’s primary or caucus had learned about the election via social platforms, compared with 50% of their Republican counterparts (Pew).
  • Nearly 24% of the likely voters who used digital video to learn about political candidates were in the 18- to 24-year-old age cohort (eMarketer)
  • 67% of Hispanic voters and 60% of African-American voters visit political sites on a mobile device, compared to 49% of voters overall (IAB).

“Location-based advertising hits a very targeted set of audiences,” shared Rafi Ton, CEO at NUVIAD. “Campaign managers are no longer bound by demographics or state-wide targeting, where their voters may or may not be. Hyperlocal ads mixed with the programmatic environment deliver a much more targeted toolset they can use in terms of demographics, languages, and preferences. This, in turn, delivers a fundamental shift in political campaign marketing.”

In Conclusion

Mobile is the most personal medium for advertising. Once political marketers understand the advantage of executing location-based targeting, they will be able to design and implement an enduring effort that wins mindshare among their


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