NUVIAD Sentinel

The Industry’s first anti fraud product targeting Realtime Bidding technologies.

The RTB environment is littered with fraud. It is estimated that $6 billion is being stolen from advertisers every year due to online ad fraud, but because some types of ad fraud are very hard to detect, and the technology to protect advertisers is immature, the actual figure may be much higher.



Realtime bidding service providers can easily integrate NUVIAD Sentinel into the RTB process and receive real-time alerts and/or blocking or any transactions suspected as fraud resulting in reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction and better ROI on your customers advertising budgets.

Detects the following fraud methods:

  • Fraudulent users and bots generating ad calls web and mobile apps
  • Device spoofing (devices impersonating other devices)
  • Location Spoofing
  • App / Site impersonation
  • Fraudulent user behavior
  • … and much more


NUVIAD Sentinel utilizes advanced behavioral algorithms to analyze user, app and location behavior. You can either block suspected traffic pre-bid or collect alerts for further analysis.

Built on top of NUVIAD’s state of the art RTB technology, NUVIAD Sentinel allows service providers to block fraudulent transactions before they ready their networks and customers

  • Response time < 5ms in all major data centers
  • Block suspected transactions
  • Get alerts on suspected transactions
  • Use JSON/HTTP or Google ProtoBuf for efficient data delivery
  • Worldwide distribution with end points in US East, West, Europe and Asia