Trending 2016 – Video, Programmatic and New Standards

Video advertising has gone through dramatic changes in the past 18 months. Different technical protocols, advertisers changing needs and industry trends has made it a challenging ecosystem for marketers. In this post we will reveal our take on video, mobile and the programmatic Eco-system.


The rise of programmatic media, such as offered by NUVIAD for mobile, is seeing a great opportunity to lead the market into exciting new frontiers.

There are 2 major trends at our doorstep as a programmatic platform for video. The ever growing demand for video supply on one hand and the need for detailed, transparent, available and quality reporting. Brands in particular, are aiming at focused campaigns with demographic stats, specific whitelisted publishers and in 2016 demanding viewability.


While elaborating on the above at the Israel Ad-Tech event next week, we will be focusing on the topics of how we define:

  1. Setting ad quality standards
  2. Transparency and viewability
  3. Allowed protocols (Vast, MP4, JS, html)
  4. Monetizing of different video tools and platforms in an ever changing market.

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Doron Gez

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