Introducing YourDSP, our white-labeled RTB platform

We’re thrilled to announce YourDSP, our game-changing, white-label RTB demand-side platform (DSP), supply-side platform (SSP) and Exchange with zero investment required.

We developed YourDSP with the goal of empowering publishers, ad networks, brands and media buyers with the ability to set up their own self-branded programmatic trading environment, without the need to develop their own trading solution saving thousands of dollars in media buy costs.

Powered by NUVIAD our industry-leading programmatic advertising infrastructure, enables media buyers, exchanges and networks to launch and manage their Real-Time Bidding revenue by introducing advanced algorithmic media optimization, analysis, and trading.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

“The launch of YourDSP, our white-labeled RTB platform opens up a massive opportunity for emerging and established DPS, SSP Ad Exchange that are currently looking for cost-efficient ways to launch their own service as well as media buyers and brands that want to save media buying costs. We’ve significantly lowered the barrier to entry by giving advertisers, big and small the keys to their ad network, built on our best-in-breed technology infrastructure” Rafi Ton, CEO at NUVIAD explained.

“Traditional Ad-Tech costs were always based on some kind of setup fee and revenue sharing. While this model may seem appealing, it becomes quite costly when scaling up. RTB technology became quite commoditized and standardized in many ways. So, it just makes sense to adapt also cost models accordingly.” Added Rafi Ton.

What You Need to Know


Industry’s leading features from our White Label DSP, SSP or Exchange for programmatic advertising without spending a dime on setup fees.


Access the platform with a complete UI and API access to targeting, endpoints, optimization, and reporting.


Build your own DSP and SSP on’s advanced platform, powered by the most robust and trusted programmatic advertising infrastructure, without worrying about infrastructure and technology.


Utilize data centers globally for optimal response time and performance. YourDSP has raised the bar by providing the same powerful ad platform that has driven its ad network’s success. Organizations can now have the same tools for their dedicated ad sales teams.

Flat Rates, Hassle-Free

About YourDSP

YourDSP is a white label RTB platform powered by NUVIAD an industry-leading programmatic advertising infrastructure. The solution provides publishers, ad networks, media buyers and brands with the ability to set up their own self-branded programmatic trading environment, without the need to develop their own trading solution. Learn more at

Rafi Ton

With 7 years of experience in the AdTech industry and 15 years in leading technology companies, Rafi Ton is the founder and CEO of NUVIAD. He enjoys exploring new technologies and putting them to use in cutting-edge products and services, in the real world generating real money.

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