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Location Based Advertising

Location-based marketing is the key to bridging the physical world with the digital world, providing contextually relevant content based on intent and geolocation.

Why Go Local?

Location-based marketing is simpler, faster and more effective for ad agencies, networks, and professional media buyers. In fact, it has been proven to be 20 times more effective in providing returns than generic banner ads.

Go Local With NUVIAD

NUVIAD enables businesses to easily and cost-effectively set-up and deliver mobile ads to a highly accurate target audience, within specified time frames and to multiple real-time geographic locations.



We Know:

  • Demographics: age, gender, HHI, marital state, language, education
  • Location: home location, work location
  • Habits: store visits, dining habits, entertainment preference
  • Intents: purchase habits, in market for a car, home, career

Audience Targeting

NUVIAD processes over 10 billion ad requests daily, along with 1st- and 3rd-party data, to better know, understand and identify the target users – wherever they are, and in the most effective way


  • Over 2 Billion user profiles
  • Over 258k major app profiles from Apple and Google
  • Local businesses mapped via multiple sources
  • Learning from over 10 Billion ad requests per day
  • 400-1200 servers process the data at any given time on the Amazon AWS cloud

Reporting, Call Recording, and Analysis

Get reports for any segment, such as date, hour, phone type, application, language, user’s location, and much more. NUVIAD even provides a full-feature call monitoring and recording system for click-to-call campaigns to monitor and improve the quality of your sales calls