NUVIAD's Platform

Targeting the right person at the best time in the perfect place.

Audience Reach & Awareness

Boost brand presence and seamlessly reach the ideal audience.

Leverage our platform for effective reach and brand awareness campaigns.
Hyper-local targeting allows precision in reaching specific locations and audiences.
Craft unique footfall campaigns to increase physical store visits.

Engagement & Retargeting

Engage audiences effectively and keep them returning for more.

Utilize Device ID and IP-based retargeting for more personalized campaigns.
Attract audiences that align with specific products or services through interest-based targeting.
Capitalize on user behaviors and preferences to drive engagement.

Tracking & Performance

Easily monitor campaign metrics and optimize performance with complete transparency.

Real-time Pixel and SDK conversion and impression performance analysis.
Empower your campaign with data analytics and real-time reporting.
Gain valuable insights on ad impressions, clicks, and conversions with complete transparency.

Demographic Targeting

Target customers more effectively with detailed demographic information.

Segment audiences based on income levels for more focused marketing.
Achieve gender and age-specific targeting for enhanced relevance.
Use insights and AI-based prediction to make informed decisions about where and when to advertise.